Founded in 2008, Labyrinth Risk Consulting is a consultancy specialized in identifying, contextualizing and managing reputational risks on behalf of its clients. These risks may stem from operational or strategic decision-making such as investing in a new venture, collaborate with a new business partner, hiring a new senior executive or entering a new market. We also assist clients in handling problems resulting from their business operations.

Our main service areas are business intelligence and investigations, and we have a partnership arrangement with a provider of security services. We guide our clients through public record retrieval, confidential source enquiries, data analysis and support on the ground.

We focus mainly on European, Far Eastern and Latin American jurisdictions, but we have certain capabilities in specific countries outside these jurisdictions as well. The majority of projects are carried out business-to-business such as to other consultancies, but we also cater to end clients directly, such as to law firms, private equity companies and investors.

We have an extensive network in various industries and specialist areas. These include but are not limited to the luxury industry, transportation, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and medical, construction and real estate, and telecommunications. We also have reliable and well placed contacts in various government positions, as well as with environmental organizations, charitable organizations, trade unions and the scientific community.

Our research is meticulous and enquiries are handled with care. Our clients’ interests lie at the heart of our projects and any queries are carried out in complete confidence. We can be reached at any time and can be counted upon for assistance with last-minute requests or emergencies.

Labyrinth Risk Consulting was founded in January 2008 by Saskia Eisberg–’t Hooft, who has been working in the risk consulting industry since 2001 and has been based in London, Paris, Singapore, Mexico, Sao Paulo and Amsterdam. She is a Dutch and American national who speaks Dutch, English, German and French. She is a certified fraud examiner and anti-money laundering specialist.

Before joining the risk consulting industry, Mrs. Eisberg–’t Hooft was the US family liaison officer and Embassy Representative at the Lockerbie trial held in the Netherlands. She was responsible on behalf of the State Department for the welfare of the families of the victims of the bombing and for reporting developments to the US intelligence, Justice and State department communities.

Labyrinth Risk Consulting is incorporated in the Netherlands, with registration number 59227273 and VAT number NL210104156B01.