When considering entering into a new business relationship

Whether it is an investment, an initial public offering, employment of a senior executive or setting up a business in a foreign territory, companies should be well informed about these entities and any potential risks involved with this new relationship, to ensure any risks are mitigated and the new venture is a success.

When discovering irregularities or wrongdoing

Whether it concerns suspected fraud, theft, money laundering, allegations of misconduct, or intellectual property infringements, these incidents should be investigated to identify the perpetrators, to hold them accountable and to prevent such events from occurring again.

When protecting your company, assets and employees

Companies should ensure their company is physically secure, threats to its operations are understood and mitigated, concrete business contingency plans are in place, emergencies are dealt with efficiently and operations can continue while dealing with emergency situations.

When strengthening an existing investigations department

In-house investigators should be subjected regularly to quality control to ensure uniformity towards external parties such as clients, optimal performance, and preservation of institutional memory. When teams have changed composition or new investigators are hired, ensuring capabilities are well developed and training are essential for providing good services.