Business Intelligence

These services, also known as pre-transactional services, aim to gather reliable, insightful and relevant information to enable informed decision making in regards to the best way forward. Intelligence is gathered to profile people, corporate entities, industries and business environments to identify potential risks involved with doing business with these entities.

Corporate Investigations

These services, also known as post-transactional services, aim to understand specific incidents, why and how they have taken place, who the perpetrators were and whether disciplinary actions should be taken. It also includes measures to avoid reoccurrence of such incidents and to close any operational gaps that allowed such incidents to occur.


These services aim to protect companies, its assets and personnel against physical security risks. These risks may be caused by hostile environments, natural disasters, conflicts, medical emergencies or violence. These services identify the best protection methods, create emergency responses and business continuity plans in case of security breaches.

Quality Control

These services aim to improve the quality of in-house investigative or research practices by reviewing the practices’ methodology and tools,building capabilities, introducing standardization and the industry’s best practice, and by providing training.

Interim Management

Interim management of investigative or research teams may be required while a new manager is being sought, or to lead large investigation projects. Labyrinth Risk Consulting can provide an experienced Director with more than 10 years of personal investigative, analytical and management experience to manage projects, lead and train staff and interview prospective candidates for positions.