After the Client’s issues are discussed, a proposal is prepared. Preliminary research is always carried out to help define the scope, identify possible avenues of enquiries or areas of concern, and create awareness of potential limitations of the enquiries. The proposal is created free of charge.

To create comprehensive and reliable profiles and investigative reports, information is identified from the public domain and in proprietary databases, as well as through discreet enquiries with well-placed sources. These may include general sources (such as regulators or law enforcement), specific sources (such as the subject’s suppliers or associates) and experts (such as forensic accountants or document examiners). In certain cases, information is also retrieved from clients’ internal information management systems such as from IT networks and proprietary documentation.

Labyrinth Risk Consulting has developed an extensive, reliable and well informed network of general, specific and expert sources in the jurisdictions it operates. This network is an essential source of intelligence, and ensures well balanced and insightful analyses. The local sources also help put findings into local context, to better understand the actual significance of the findings and to create unbiased profiles and unambiguous answers to questions. These form a solid base for decision making processes.

While the research and enquiries are carried out, the client is kept informed on the progress of the case, as well as on important findings during this process. The case may need to change course depending on developments. This flexibility ensures that the client remains in control and that the direction of the project can be adjusted if required.

At the conclusion of the project, a (written or verbal) report is submitted to the client, describing the results of the enquiries and research. Terminology is explained, findings are put into local context, and conclusions are drawn. The report may also contain recommendations as to how to proceed.

Throughout the project, close communication with the client is considered key, and personal guidance is provided where needed.