Internal review of corporate investigations teams

Labyrinth Risk Consulting carries out internal reviews as an independent external consultant of in-house research and investigation practices. A regular review of policies, procedures and methodology used by researchers and investigators ensures that these continue to be practical, relevant, up to date, and conform to ‘best practice’. Such a review also includes ensuring that these policies are well known, well understood and well followed by the consultants and researchers.

Standardization enhances efficiency and consistency, it improves uniformity and ensures a minimum level of professional standards. It provides a tool for quality control and can be used to create induction booklets to new team members.


To provide training to researchers and investigators on various topics, including how to carry out a proper due diligence, to write good reports, and to learn about fraud. Training regarding the use of specific databases or software may also be relevant. Training is usually also part of an internal review of investigation practices.

These services are usually provided at the client’s premises, in-house.