Hostile environment protection

This involves assessing physical risks and threats to an organization and its personnel, and mitigating these risks. This may include executive protection, asset protection, site security, maritime security, access control, provision of guards, medical assistance and penetration testing.

Kidnap for ransom and extortion consulting

This includes advising how to respond to kidnap or extortion, providing victim assistance and giving personal advice in dealing with other parties involved, such as family members of the victims, local law enforcement and the judiciary.

Dispute resolution

With the assistance of mediators, this service focuses on facilitating finding acceptable resolutions of various types of disputes.

Information management

Designing and auditing information management systems, and preventing breaches, hacking or tempering with your information technology or intellectual property. This also includes services such as tracking, counter surveillance and searches for electronic devices such as bugs.

Business continuity planning

Creating plans in cases of emergency such as natural disasters or attacks, to ensure that a business continues to function despite major disruptions to its operations. This also includes crisis management planning and running simulation exercises.