Reputational due diligence

Whether it concerns a pre-transactional Due Diligence, Pre-IPO Due Diligence, or Self-Due Diligence, this service aims to gather information regarding the legitimacy and identity of the subject and to identify any potential risks to be aware of when associated with this entity.

Know-your-customer enquiries

These enquiries focus on identifying any risks involved with accepting a new client. They are usually aimed at understanding the customer’s sources of wealth, financial and political exposure, and identifying whether the potential customer may be involved in any money-laundering activities.

Pre-employment screening

These are basic checks to ensure an individual is trustworthy and honest, that his resume is accurate and that there are no red flags to prevent this individual from being employed.

Market research

This macro-level research aims to elucidate the dynamics in a given market, such as by profiling key competitors, highlighting economic, political, military or social developments, or identifying particular risks to be aware of when entering this market.